A Destained Young Master Villain

Chapter 1 Reincarnation [Part 1]

Trent hails from a prosperous family background and enjoys widespread recognition and acclaim in the business world. Due to his exceptional abilities and relative youth, he rapidly established a prominent reputation.

His familial circumstances were widely known, eliciting sympathy from those around him.

His parents passed away while he was young. Due to an accident where there was an unknown error with the aviation system on the plane that his parents were flying in. Because of that error, the plane crashed in the ocean, ending their lives.

The corpses were retrieved, however, the visual spectacle was exceedingly horrifying. Trent was deprived of the opportunity to lay eyes upon the remains of his parents due to that unfortunate circumstance.

Furthermore, he was unable to allocate any time for mourning the loss of his parents. As he stands as the sole remaining individual within his familial lineage. At the tender age of sixteen, he was compelled to assume a more mature role and accept the responsibility of inheriting his family's business.

While overseeing the operations of the business, he swiftly cultivated the disposition of an individual who has a cold personality, accompanied by the acquisition of a shrewd persona.

He achieved success in sustaining the business. Abruptly, during the course of his work, he experienced a sensation of discomfort emanating from his cardiac region. Possibly due to pent-up emotions that he had been repressing. However, subsequent to the incident, he proceeded to seek medical attention at the hospital.

Where he was then diagnosed with ischaemic heart disease. It is an illness that occurs when low blood flow decreases the amount of oxygen your heart muscle receives. On top of that he was also diagnosed with a heart cancer. He was struck with unwillingness as the doctor told Trent that he only had five to six months, or at best, a year, left to live.

On a bed, there sat a young man named Trent, aged in his early twenties, characterized by a black colored hair and a countenance pale enough to evoke the impression of delicacy, vulnerable to the slightest gust of wind.

He just finished reading a book called The Steel Daemon. Trent intently stared at the ceiling as if the words he was looking for were written there and thought,

'This novel seems to be another one of those cliche hero protagonists saving and courting beauties. After that, the hero will set out on a journey, trying to find ways to get stronger and coming back at the last moment to save the day.' He scoffed and praised the novel's originality in a mocking tone.

The only way to relieve his boredom at the hospital was to read novels. Right then, the door to the room slides open, and people talking in low voices can be heard outside.

The voices gradually disappeared as the door closed. A figure entered the room. Trent glanced to see who had entered the room. It was his personal doctor who was appointed to check on his health.

The doctor addressed him with a sincere gaze, speaking in a solemn manner, "Mr. Trent, regrettably, I must inform you of unfortunate findings from the X-ray examination we conducted on you...."

Throughout the conversation, the doctor proceeded to elaborate on his present medical condition. Trent was abruptly struck with bewilderment as, unexpectedly, the doctor's voice was gradually receding into the abyss.

He pondered what was happening. 'Why is it like this? All of a sudden, I am unable to hear his voice. His voice is diminishing gradually, as if he is receding into the distance, while my own consciousness appears to be fading?' Right then, he collapsed and fell to the ground.

When Trent regained consciousness, he was struck again with bewilderment as he opened his eyes and examined the surroundings carefully. 'Where am I?' he asks in his mind. The room was bleak, cold, and completely dark. It was quiet and somber, but as he stood up, the light in the room automatically opened.

He surveyed his surroundings and became mesmerized by the enchanting intricacies and patterns adorning the room.

The room had a futuristic aspect, and it was just immaculate. It gave the feeling that this room belonged to someone of wealthy and prominent status. There is also a blue light shining from behind the walls that adds subtle illumination to the entire area. This had a sci-fi vibe to it. Which was the same as those movies he watched before.

Upon conducting a second inspection of the room. Subsequently, he was welcomed by a mechanized voice articulating, "Greetings, Young Master Zenryx, and a pleasant morning to you."

Trent slightly frowned and whispered to himself, "Who me? Zenryx? Isn't that the villain of the novel I last read? Don't tell me I died and then reincarnated as that person. Hahaha...." as he chuckled slightly at his ridiculous thoughts. He pondered and thought that he was dreaming.

He then fell into deep thought, sorting out his assumptions about what was happening. Trent did not feel like it was a dream. It felt too realistic to be just a dream.

He also knew about lucid dreams, as he had experienced them multiple times before. Lucid dreams are when you know that you're dreaming while you're asleep. But it still did not explain the situation.

He recollected engaging in conversation with his doctor, when an abrupt loss of consciousness befell him and ended up collapsing to the ground.

He twisted his finger slightly intentionally harming himself, feeling the pain caused by his action he groaned.


Now, after twisting his finger, he knows that this was no simple dream but reality!

Right then, he accidentally glanced at a nearby mirror, which showed him a figure. He was in awe and astonished at the appearance of the figure standing in the mirror.

He approached closer and examined his appearance, revealing silver gray hair that corresponded harmoniously with his eyes.The debut release happened at N0v3lBiin.

Possessing an ethereal complexion reminiscent of white jade and displaying distinct facial contours, upon closer examination one might perceive a mesmerizing allure emanating from the depths of those silver eyes, it seems to be like a black hole drawing you in.

One would find it impossible to avert one's gaze from those captivating eyes, becoming entranced in their beauty.

It seemed like if looks could kill, that was it. Despite having the appearance of a 10-year-old, his handsomeness could not be hidden, and judging from this, he will grow out to be a charming adult.

Trent then spoke softly, and the corner of his mouth curled into a devilish smile. "Now this confirms it... I indeed reincarnated as that foolish, incompetent villain, young master. Interesting!"

Just as he was celebrating that he had reincarnated, he was then greeted a second time by a mechanical system sound. The system spoke, introducing itself: "Greetings host, I am Destiny, and I am here to accompany you in this world."

When the system suddenly appeared and introduced itself, the smile on his handsome face widened. "Damn, even heaven is on my side; it's probably the way the gods are showing their sympathy by giving me this system, as my life was full of misery in my previous life."

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