A Naive Short-tempered Girl

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Little Maiden Playing With Fire

The glamour and splendour of Japan, everywhere one looks is lively and crowded.

At one corner inside the Host Bar, the drunken Luo Yao Yao is accompanied by two good looking hosts, frustrated complains to her friend; “Xiao, Xiao Man, you said the hosts in here are… are the best ones, but why are they so disappointing?”The inception of this chapter's publication is linked to N0v3l.B1n.

“Hey, Xiao Man, we are accompanying her to give face to your mother as our loyal client, but now she has complained we are not good looking enough. How can you explain this?!!” The host felt he was being insulted by her manner, how could the hosts endure?

Gong Xiao Man helplessly smiled. “Sorry, she has been drinking too much so she became like this, sorry, sorry.”

While her best friend was conversing with the hosts, through her blurred pair of eyes, Yao Yao looks around.

“Ugh…” she staggered and went to the host bars exit…

At this moment, a man wearing a suit is slowly walking inside, his appearance allures all the women clients.

That black and silky hair, those oblique double-edge sword eyebrows, his sharp clear black eyes carry a demonic charm, with thin and glossy lips, a definite silhouette with a tall and slender figure is a model’s body; sharp like nighthawk, cold, and arrogant but mystically charming.

Solitary and independent while emitting a strong aura that disdains the world. Even though those men who are behind him though are decent men, their aura seem pale in comparison to his, no! So to say, all of the hosts in here compared to him, all of them are bleak.

It’s him! Suddenly Yao Yao stops, lifts her hand and points at the man.

“You, stop!”

All of the people around suddenly quieted down, following her surprising call, even the hosts that accompanied her…

“No… Oh my, Xiao Man, is your friend crazy? She is even daring…to provoke that man?”

“It’s normal since he is so good looking, I also want to tease him, tease.” Gong Xiao Man who is still not clear with the situation has been infatuated and was admiring that good looking man who stands not far from her.

“Aiya, Xiao Man, don’t you know who he is….”

“Mei Mei (little girl), are you calling me?” The man asked with low and deep voice, his pair of eyes that looked in Luo Yao Yaos direction were cold and gloomy.

“Yes.” Staggering, she walks in front of him, giving him the thumbs up while nodding.

“Hmm, not bad, your appearance is much more like a host. Come, come, I want you to accompany me.” One of her hands grabs his neck through the necktie, strongly pulling him to her place.

When a few of his subordinates see this, their eyebrows crease as they quickly stand up; but that man silently signals them not to make any movement. Since they don’t have to help, they relax.

The man followed her to sit, while the other two of hosts hurriedly stood up, their feet unstoppably trembling.

“Hmm.” That man coughed once, then clapped his hands. Two of the hosts have received the order. Quietly bring Gong Xiao Man out from there.

The heavily drunk Luo Yao Yao doesn’t know that her best friend isn’t there anymore, and grabs the wine glass. “Handsome bro, accompany… accompany me to have drink…”

The man exposed his demonic smile while looking at her pour the drink, leisurely crossing her legs. This scenery is like sitcom, as if she is the hostess while he is the common client.

“Hey, handsome man, now that the client has called you to drink, why don’t you drink? Faster! Drink!”

“Eh?” after he heard her order him, his eyes flashed, he pinches her jaw, “Little girl as the minor you are playing wildly in here, be careful or you will get burned!”

At this moment, the man’s face exposed a strong presence which gives a heavy feeling of suffocation for all the people around; but the drunken Luo Yao Yao is not paying attention to this detail. “Hey, you are hurting me! To…to be honest let me tell you, today my purpose for coming here is because I want to get wild, so it is none of your business!”

“Eh? Interesting…” loosening his hands, the man stood up and asked one of his nearest subordinates, with low voice: “Bring her into my room.” His deep eyes hid cunning looks; he quickly disappeared from the first floor…

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