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Volume 1, Prologue: The Family of Archmages – The House of Bain

Volume 1, Prologue: The Family of Archmages – The House of Bain

This world was a world with swords and magic. A Fantasy setting you could see anywhere in the folktales of old.

And in this world, several archmages were born – ones who were bestowed the title of manipulating magic that surpassed the norm and made great achievements on its usage of it, from the convenience of the citizens, even to the extent of saving the humanity as a whole.

Anya Bain. She was the one who taught the principles of magic and became the founder of it all.

Kara Bain. She contributed to the development and modernization of magic similar to the ones being used today.

Cecile Bain. She who have made the seal to bind the Demon Lord that was still being bound up to this date.

Katya Bain. She who have proven herself as the strongest archmage in history.

Including the other mages that have been raised up to now, the Bain lineage has contributed to the development of the world for generations as a family of archmages.

Those with the name of Bain were respected and loved by people

Because of this, the name of Bain was eventually respected and loved by the masses.

However, something was strange about this lineage. For matters unknown, all the children born in the Bain family were girls.

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Was it a mischief of God or a curse of the demons?

Although it was full of things the people couldn’t understand, it became the norm for the masses that in this great lineage, only girls would be born.

But this time, a boy was born.

The first time in Bain House’s 500-year history.

As a result of this, people became afraid.

It was the milestone of the 100th anniversary since the Demon King was sealed after all, so voices of it being the Demon Lord’s curse increased.

Many lives of the people will be affected if the Demon Lord’s power become strong. Because of that, panic invaded the people’s hearts.

As a precaution, let’s kill the boy! Some even harshly proposed.

However, even though these voices grew stronger, the mother of the son, Katya Bain continued to argue with them.

“The magical power of this child is greater than me … he will become a great benefit for mankind.”

It was love as a mother and intuition as the world’s strongest archmage. The first reveal of this chapter happened through n(0)vel(b)(j)(n).

With the words from Katya, the boy was no longer executed.

However, there was a condition – that he should never go out of the town where he was born.

Even so, the mother was not discouraged.

She swore that she would pour out all the power she could have on this child.

And ten years later… the mother, who has passed on everything died of illness.

After that, ten more years passed, and the boy, who has now turned twenty――.

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