A Trivial Extra in a Dating Sim

Chapter 1

Chapter 1

[Successfully synchronized with the Romance Simulation Game ‘Midnight’.]

[From now on you are the Saintess, Evanessa Halyn. You must target one of the five male leads and reach their happy ending in order to complete the game.]

As Yewon listened to the messages chiming in her ears, she couldn’t avoid thinking: ‘Not only is this life ruined, it’s headed for a complete disaster.’

Yewon stared into the mirror with a devastated expression on her face. Standing in her reflection was not the Asian girl who had always greeted her, instead, there was a somewhat familiar, western woman who was the spitting image of an illustration that she had last seen on her smartphone screen.


The blue irises of the black-haired beauty widened as they lost focus.

Evanessa Halyn was the only saintess of the main religion in the game’s setting, the church of the Creator God Lunium.

Although she was one of several female leads in the popular dating sim game ‘Midnight’, only a few players ever chose to play her due to her high difficulty setting. So in the main storyline, she was only ever seen as the unfortunate heroine who fell into the role of a trivial extra.

The players stuck her with the nickname ‘Bad Ending Maker’ because no matter which hero she chased after, she would only end up with a bad or sad ending.

There was not a single player in the history of the game who had managed to successfully capture their target with her, so how was Yewon supposed to reach a happy ending with the saintess who had even been called the ‘hard mode bug’?/n/o/vel/b/in witnessed the first publication of this chapter on N0vel--Bjjn.

A sigh leaked out from the corner of Yewon’s mouth.

All of this was due to a single careless word from a friend that had inspired her with the foolish daydream of conquering the saintess’s route.

“I died no matter how hard I tried. Even with a miracle on her side, I don’t think the saintess would ever be able to reach a happy ending?”

Those words ignited a spark inside of her. So over the course of the next week, in the spare moments between her part-time work at the library, she became hooked onto the game.

‘Midnight’-a shining example of the dating sim game genre- was known to set the hearts of young women ablaze. It was jampacked with content as if an entire book had been shredded and thrown in. So, along with its charming illustrations and suspenseful storyline, the quality of the game was unparalleled.

Apart from ‘the hard mode bug’ Evanessa, the solid narratives delivered by its other female leads and the overflowing charm of the male leads actually managed to secure the game 1st place in the app store for several weeks in a row.

The game was set as a romantic fantasy setting. A player could choose from one of four heroines with which to capture one of the five male leads.


However, the problem with this is that Yewon was supposed to be in the middle of her daily work at the library, sorting the returned books and reorganizing a few of the back shelves that rarely saw any visitors.

It happened just as she was about to finish up her work for the day. Taking a short breather, she pulled out her smartphone. Whilst she was telling herself that this would be the last time she would attempt this route, a sharp ringing noise suddenly started to buzz inside her ears.

[…. Miii … Shiii … Tzzz.] *static noises*

Yewon shot upright with a shocked cry and grabbed onto a nearby windowsill for support as she tried to catch her breath. A strange noise was echoing inside her head, sounding similar to a broken radio.

A sudden spike of pain tore through her head, causing her to drop her smartphone. As she bent over to try and pick it back up, her vision started to dim and the phone seemed to fall out of reach as Yewon felt herself being pulled somewhere far away.

Then, when she opened her eyes once more, she was greeted by a message before she even had a moment to gather her wits.

[Successfully synchronized with the Romance Simulation Game ‘Midnight’.]

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