Abyss of Dual Cultivation: Goddess's Lust system

Chapter 1

[Remember, this is the path you have chosen for yourself. Whatever happens from here, it is no longer my responsibility. As such, this new world is yours to govern over]

Golden eyes opened, feeling the wetness of the water around them. It seeped into their fragile retina. It instantly caused the eternal being to close their eyes and reject the painful feeling.

[From today onwards, you shall be known as Aurora. Forget all that you have suffered. Forgive all that you have seen. For you are no longer a mortal being but a deity]

But she could not forget. Nor could she forgive.

The voice faded from the blue-haired Goddess’s mind as she tried to hold on to that comfortable voice. The only way to soothe her anger was to keep on listening to that unknown voice.

But whatever she did, she could not bring the voice back. It was gone from her mind forever.

Only then did Aurora open her eyes again. It was a new beginning for her. One she had been granted to change her fate.

The dark water was everywhere, the whole place filled with it. There was no sign of life as well. Aurora was left alone down there to rot.

But no, she was a goddess and could not die. She had just been abandoned once again by her loved ones. Time and again, Aurora had been left alone.

She remembered what she had done in her grief. Aurora had challenged the fates; she had ravaged the land. She had aimed to conquer the abyss till it was all hers.

It had all resulted in her present situation – her rebirth.

But that also begged the question – Where was she now? The last thing Aurora remembered was the destruction of this earth as her lover had run a knife through her newly immortal body. Those golden eyes were full of remorse and longing.

Aurora remembered being killed by the love of her life. The masses had led her wife astray. But The Abyss tower was the one at fault, not her wife.

Had her wish changed at the last second? It felt like it since she was no longer in the dark abyss. Then this must be the world before she had begun her journey. She did recognize the place she was at, if only vaguely.

And since she remembered this place, memories were beginning to come back to her in bits and pieces. It took some time for her to remember where she was.

In the dark, no one witnessed the Goddess’s Silver hair turn blue and the golden eyes turn Pink. This way, the true nature of the goddess has been sealed.N0v3l--B1n was the first platform to present this chapter.

The world changed after the Abyss appeared. It had gone beyond imagination since the great rift had emerged. Humans were no longer the only dominant species on the planet.

It had been a thousand years ever since the great Rift had emerged. The Abyss had a lot of names, but nothing was as common as ‘The heavenly punishment.’ In the eyes of the holy council, it was the total of all human sins.

But science had seen it as something different. It had seen it as an opportunity for something great.

They had invested money and power in researching the rift and uncovering its mysteries. But it did not amount to anything. The abyss was too dark and deep for one race to cover in its entirety.

Even after several years, the Abyss was not something that a single person could understand. It had its own rules.

There had been no one who had seen the end of this rift. No one. Except for the gods and goddesses.

They were the pinnacle of power. People that had uncovered all its mysteries with the help of their close ones. Abyss was a death trap for those who entered it.


For Aurora, the abyss had been her source of joy. It had also provided her with Misery. It had given her Clove, her wife.

But it has also given birth to Abyss Tower, the academic institution that had a monopoly over every aspect of the abyss.

Aurora knew that the Abyss tower was the primary reason she had died in her previous life. They had poisoned her wife’s mind against her. And for that, they would pay.

Aurora would make sure to destroy them and everything they stood for. The warmth of a goddess was a big thing to face.

“Oi, are you all dead? Aren’t you all taking too long in there?” the guard came in, cutting through the fog around Aurora’s memories with a sharp knife. She quickly picked herself up, her blue hair coming to cover her intimate parts.

As far as Aurora remembered, she had been let in here with a group of 14 individuals. She had been the only girl inside the pool when the ceremony had begun.

The door finally opened and caused light to flood the chamber. Aurora held her head high as she watched the guards rush inside.

“Hey, hurry up. OH MY GOD. W-WHAT DID YOU DO?” the guard looked shaken as he peeked inside the chamber. Aurora could feel his horror and curiosity from where she stood. The guards appeared to be horrified.

It was intriguing, this human specimen. While the physical appearance was not to Aurora’s liking, she did find the mixture of thoughts he had inside his head interesting. They were amusing to hear and kept Aurora entertained.

Maybe she should offer him power, just to see what he would make of it?

“Hey Eric, what taking you so long? HOLY HELL, THEY’RE ALL DEAD.” The second guard did not delay his arrival. The sound of footsteps filled the hallway. Aurora faintly remembered having other chambers similar to her own.

How long had it been? How much had she forgotten? Aurora had no idea.

But what she did remember was that each chamber had been different, some killing its occupants, the others granting blessings.

But it was all a test to see who would survive the abyss. The water used to submerge the trainees served as a poison test. It had left Aurora on the verge of death last time, but not this time.

This time, she felt fresh. She felt rejuvenated. She also felt like she could crush this tower to bits.

And she felt like she had enough magic to be able to change this world. She wanted to change this world and save those people she had not been able to her last time.

“No. Not everyone is dead. Look, the girl is still alive. But she’s covered in blood. Do you think she killed them all? What should we do now?” the guard asked. He whispered those words to his companion.

Aurora felt rejuvenated and refreshed. It was another chance for her to thrive in this world and take her revenge. And she knew exactly how she would do that. She would fight fire with fire.

If the Abyss tower held its standing because of a powerful force, Aurora would create her force. She would set up an academy and train her own army.

She would show the Abyss tower that they could not keep doing whatever they wanted.

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