Accidental Ascendance

Chapter 1 1: The Birth Of Misconceptions

Within the opulent walls of Castle Montclair, a hush settled over the grand chamber as Lady Isabella, a noblewoman of high standing, prepared to give birth. Servants bustled about, ensuring every detail was in place for the momentous occasion. The air crackled with anticipation, both for the arrival of the newborn and the potential of the magical lineage.

As Lord Montclair paced back and forth, his long black and grey beard swaying with each anxious step, Lady Elizabeth, a renowned seer, approached him. "Relax, my lord. Everything will be alright," she said, attempting to comfort the frantic nobleman.

Lord Montclair wiped the sweat from his brow and looked at Lady Elizabeth with pleading eyes. "Lady Elizabeth, as a seer, can't you tell me if the birth will go off without a hitch?"

Lady Elizabeth let out a slight chuckle and placed a firm hand on Lord Montclair's shoulder. "My lord, being a magic seer does not grant me the ability to see the future. Our role is to read the ebbs and flows of magic to discern a person's potential. Unfortunately, there exists no such magic that can reveal the future."

Disappointment crept into Lord Montclair's voice as he lowered his head. "I understand, but this is my first child..."

Before he could finish his sentence, Lady Isabella's cries of pain echoed through the chamber, signaling the imminent arrival of their child. The bustling activity came to a momentary halt as everyone turned their attention to the laboring noblewoman. With each agonizing moment, the anticipation grew, mingling with a sense of wonder for the child's magical heritage.

Amidst the flurry of activity, the midwife skillfully caught the squirming infant, his features a delicate blend of his noble lineage. Cedric, the boy who would unwittingly spark a chain of extraordinary events, was born with raven-black hair and sparkling blue eyes.

In the midst of the celebration, Lady Elizabeth, driven by her curiosity, stepped forward. As a seer, she possessed the ability to sense and interpret magical potential. Eager to discover the newborn's magical aptitude, she extended a hand toward Cedric, her fingertips lightly touching the center of his forehead.

A surge of light emitted from Lady Elizabeth's fingertip as she connected her senses to Cedric's magical reservoir. Her form projected into his magical essence, and she looked around in utter shock. Instead of witnessing the usual streams and rivers of magic flowing through his reservoir, she found herself in the midst of a deep, pitch-black void.

"This is impossible," Lady Elizabeth thought, her mind racing to comprehend the sight before her. "Everyone in the world possesses magic flowing through their reservoir like a stream or river, but in Cedric's case... I see nothing!" A sudden realization struck her, dispelling her initial disbelief. "Wait... What if his magic flow is so immense that it engulfs his entire magical reserve, like a boundless sea?"This chapter's initial release occurred on the N0v3l-B1n site.

As Lady Elizabeth returned to reality, her brow glistening with sweat, Lady Isabella, now concerned, inquired, "What did you discover, Lady Elizabeth?"

Struggling to regain her composure, Lady Elizabeth spoke with the professionalism for which she was renowned but failed to conceal the tremor in her voice. "He possesses more magic than a grand mage, perhaps even more. He may already have the magic reserves of an archmage!"

The room erupted in a mixture of astonishment and skepticism as every person present voiced their thoughts. "How can you be certain? He's just a babe!" a skeptical handmaiden exclaimed.

"Indeed, that would mean when he's fully grown, he would be stronger than an ancient dragon! Do you understand what you're suggesting, my lady?" a concerned butler questioned.

"Of course I do!" Lady Elizabeth shouted, her voice filled with a mix of excitement and uncertainty. "It means that this little baby boy is the future strongest mage in the world, perhaps even in all of history." She paused, her shaky body urging her to take a breath and steady herself. "I cannot say for certain if it's due to his powerful bloodline that has cultivated prodigious children for generations, or if it's some sort of extraordinary mutation. All I know is that this child is beyond the understanding of our world."

"My... son... stronger than an... archmage?" Lord Montclair murmured, his voice tinged with disbelief, before suddenly fainting.

"My lord!" a butler screamed, and the servants rushed to their lord's side, attending to him with utmost care. Meanwhile, the news of the extraordinary child quickly spread beyond the confines of the manor, racing through the realm at breakneck speed. It was on the lips of every lord and commoner, reaching even the farthest corners of the land. Soon, Cedric, the newborn destined to be the strongest mage in history, became the subject of awe and speculation in everyone's minds.

This monumental misunderstanding would be the catalyst for the legend that is still told today--the tale of Cedric, the Accidental Ascendant, who would ascend to godhood despite the world never knowing his true nature as a magic-less individual. It is a story of humor, of unlikely circumstances, and of a clueless protagonist who unknowingly shapes the destiny of an entire realm.

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