Accidentally in Love

Chapter 1 Run into a Pervert

What would you do if you were suddenly kissed by an unfamiliar man on the street?

That's right.

Slap him!

Slap violently!


A resounding slap exploded in the air.

Chen Qingqing looked at the youth in front of her.

Under the night sky, the youth was like a character that had walked out of a cartoon. He was so handsome that he did not seem real.

His pair of amber eyes were astonishingly bright. There was an extremely rare teardrop mole in the corner of his eye, looking incomparably devilish.

His face was like a masterpiece carved by God, exquisite and rare.


A top-quality handsome boy!

This was Chen Qingqing's first reaction.

?But you can kiss girls as you please just because you are good-looking??

?You can act recklessly just because you're beautiful??

?Sorry, I, Chen Qingqing have seen a lot of pretty men since I was young. I?m basically immune to pretty men.?

Thus, Chen Qingqing raised an eyebrow and said, "Before I get angry, apologize!"


What was this ugly monster saying?



Situ Feng laughed.

After slapping him, she still wanted him to apologize?

No way!

He said, "Do you know who I am?"

"I don't care who you are. Apologize to me immediately! " There was no room for negotiation in Chen Qingqing's words.

"Little girl, I think you're not a local, right?"

Chen Qingqing was stu

ed, "How did you know?"

"Because ? in Cloud City, no one would dare to slap me!"

Holly sh*t! Aren't you supposed to be beaten up after kissing a stranger girl randomly?

Suddenly, the sound of messy footsteps came from afar ?

The enemy he avoided by using this girl as a mask had actually returned.

His expression was darkened.

He turned around and ran into a small alley.

Chen Qingqing only felt her scalp ache, then she followed the youth and ran away.

Her hair was caught, it was so painful!

After ru

ing to the depths of the alley, the young man stopped.

He turned his head and saw that the girl was still following him. He frowned and said, "You ugly bastard, I won't apologize to you. If you know what's good for you, hurry up and f * ck off."

Chen Qingqing was almost angered to death by him.

This was the first time in her life that she had been scolded as ugly!

Even though she had just escaped from the capital city to Cloud City and was in a very sorry state, she also had intentionally put on a make-up and looked normal.

But she was far from being ugly, okay?

She grumpily said, "You're the ugly one! Please look down at the buttons on your chest. "

When the youth heard this, he did as he was told and saw a strand of hair on the button of his shirt...


He really didn't see this.

However ?

"Are you sure you didn?t do this on purpose to attract my attention?" The youth said frivolously.

F * ck!

Is this man a narcissist?

Suddenly, a voice came from not too far away: "You guys go over there. You guys follow me over here."

Those people had actually caught up to him again.

The corner of the youth's mouth suddenly curled up into an evil smile. The initial posting of this chapter occurred via N0v3l.B1(j)n.

He lowered his head to look at the girl in front of him and said in a low voice, "Since you delivered yourself to me, don't blame me."

Afterwards, before Chen Qingqing could even react, the youth forcefully pushed her against the wall.

His entire body pasted himself onto her.

The youth's lips were just a centimeter away from Cheng Qingqing's, and the hot air that came out from both sides' noses could be absorbed by the other.

Chen Qingqing thought, no way! Once again?

The debt just now wasn't settled yet!

"You ? What are you trying to do? "

"Rape you, do you believe?"

"You dare?"

Upon saying this, Chen Qingqing felt a chill on her shoulder.

The clothes on her shoulders were ripped off, revealing her slender, smooth shoulder.

Chen Qingqing was so furious that she wanted to slap him on the face.

However, her hands were restrained by the youth. He pressed her hands against the wall and she was unable to struggle.

She wanted to use her leg to hit his dick, but he prevented her from doing so. Instead, he placed his leg between her legs ?

F * ck! Brawler!


The footsteps drew closer and closer, almost reaching them.

Chen Qingqing wanted to cry out for help, but just as she let out a cry of "ah", the youth's lips fiercely blocked her mouth.

As if he was blaming her for her sudden cry, the kiss was filled with a sense of punishment.

In her heart, Chen Qingqing felt like that ten thousand mud horses were galloping across her heart ?

F * ck!

She had been kissed by force twice in the span of a night by the same person!

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