First Demonic Dragon

Chapter 468 Ogun! Extra Crispy!

Chapter 468 Ogun! Extra Crispy!

In an egregiously large training field that was covered with sand, two individuals were in a rather heated standoff.

One was a man with dark brown skin and glowing white eyes.

He wore a white and gold loincloth that came down to his feet and thick bracers around his wrists and ankles.

He had a flat top said styled with twists and jewelry made from gold and bone.

He would continuously beat his chest in a taunting display of power and mild overconfidence as he stared up at the opponent who was well above his weight class.

It was a young dragon with a western style build paired with a beautiful emerald green body of scales and burning gold eyes.

It is speculated that transcendent dragons with western style builds have greater tempers and are more prone to acts of physical destruction, while ones with eastern builds are calmer and have greater magical prowess.

One would find arguing that logic was very hard to do when it was clear that this particular dragon was so enraged that he was releasing green flames from his snout with every exhale.

His large black claws were gouging into the sandy field beneath him; and it was clear that he agonized over the fact that they were not coming down upon the skull of this outsider from a foreign land.

"Come, dragon! Let Ogun experience the might of Vovin's own firsthand!"

The two individuals weren't exactly alone out here, and were surrounded by at least 50 dragon soldiers from the Scarlet Legion.

"Don't touch him, Nahmir!"

"Wait for the General to get here!"

"These are the Emperor's guests, we are not allowed to maim them!"

After hearing the warriors around him voice their objections, the war god made a despondent noise.

"Pa! I ask for a single challenge and you all tuck your tails and wait?! Ogun is disappointed! Where is your pride? Do you think nothing of living up to your leader's expectations?!"

The last string of reasoning holding back the thirty meter tall dragon seemed to snap and he exhaled a mass of glowing green flames on instinct.

Ogun thumped his chest before creating a bronze shield out of thin air and raising it to protect himself.

However, the moment that he was waiting for never came; as no impact struck his being no matter how long he waited.

And upon dropping his guard down, he could see a sight that was quite frankly unbelievable.

A single woman stood between him and the bright green dragon hovering over his head.

With long fiery red hair and a curvaceous yet motherly physique, she would have been eye-catching even if she weren't currently doing the impossible.

A single hand was held up between herself and the massive sea of green flames being spewed haphazardly from the green dragon overhead.

But instead of causing damage, they were being compressed into a tiny ball of green flame no bigger than a cotton ball.

Her eyes glowed violet, and a light shone from beneath her clothes, right underneath her belly button.


At her single command, the dragon involuntarily shut his trap forcefully, without even understanding why.

When he finally saw exactly who he had just attacked accidentally, his entire face went slack and he dropped his scaly head to the ground as low as it would go.

"G-Genral- No, Empress- I mean G-General Empress!"

"Either or is fine, soldier. Are you alright?"

"Y-Yes, Empress... I am sorry that I did not exercise the proper restraint."

"Don't be so hard on yourself. He's not a stain underneath my heels, so I think you have done fine."

"Y-You honor me with your words, Empress..." the dragon said sincerely.

"So you are another one of his! Wonderful!"

Erica looked over her shoulder coldly at the loud and somewhat boorish god who was responsible for all of the trouble and attention.

Normally, she was considered to be very sweet and charitable, and was known by most, if not all under her command to be a righteous and upstanding leader.

However, she had her ugly sides just like everyone else in her family.

"On.. your.. knees."

Even though Ogun was not a dragon or a monster, he had no choice but to obey Erica's commands.

Because the pressure that descended upon his shoulders knocked him clean off his feet and onto his face, giving him a mouthful of sand in the process.

"I am certain that when my sister gave you gods the freedom to tour our home she absolutely did not mean for you to intrude onto our military bases and pick fights with personnel."

Ogun tried to pick himself up from the ground but it was like struggling underneath a mountain.

Against Erica's pressure, he could barely lift his chin off the dirt.

'G-Glorious, glorious!'

With a wave of her hand, Erica lifted Ogun off the ground but he was completely immobilized and incapable of moving even a muscle without her permission.

But unfortunately, his mouth still worked.

"Your colosseum shows me only petty brawls and scraps! I wanted to see the true might of the dragon legion for myself, and experience it's full might and splendor!"

Somehow, Erica's mood had become worse in only a few short seconds.

Holding out her hand, she smiled at the small ball of green flame sitting within her hand from earlier.

"You want to experience... a dragon's might.... Why didn't you just say so then?"

With a flick of her finger, the mass of green flame me flew directly into Ogun's chest.

What followed next was a small explosion that packed all of the same power as a nuclear blast.

Ogun went flying like a kite with his strings cut, and slammed into a wall over two hundred yards away.

The god was in so much pain that he felt like he couldn't even scream.

His hair, his skin, his muscles, his tendons, his soul, they were all burning to a crisp at an unprecedented speed.

It was the most horrific agony he had ever experienced in thousands of years of life.

This wasn't what he wanted at all!

While he lamented over his fate, a deluge of water suddenly doused his body to put out the flames.

Erica flew towards the spot where his body lay with her soldiers directly on her heels.

"How funny that you showed up in the nick of time to save him, but you didn't stop him from committing this foolishness beforehand."

The focus of her scrutiny were two more gods who had appeared from out of nowhere, and also seemed to be from the Yoruba pantheon.

One was a stunningly beautiful woman with rich chocolate skin and long silver hair.

She wore a bright blue dress that moved like flowing water, and she had a naturally gentle demeanor indicative of a mother deity.

The woman at her side was equally as charming, but she wore golden clothing and her dark black hair was more wavy instead of straight.

Where the woman beside her had a more safe disposition, hers was oozing with sensuality and charm the likes of which could only be compared to the most powerful goddesses of love and beauty.

"We did try to persuade him, but he was adamant about not listening." the ocean goddess defended.

"But even if he didn't, don't you think burning him like this goes too far?" the other added pointedly.

"Hm? He should be thanking me."

Erica brushed between the two goddesses and took a knee beside the charred body of Ogun.

"I taught him a very important lesson today. Though fascinating he may find us, the power of my soldiers is not wielded to sate idle curiosities. It is to kill gods, and ensure our safety. He would do well to remember that."N0v3l-Bin was the first platform to present this chapter.

This little display hers had only worked properly because the flames of a soldier had been used.

If she had been the one to try and burn Ogun, his chances of his survival would be close to nil.

Erica listened to the low wheezing sounds coming from Ogun's fried body and confirmed that he was still alive.

"...I am sure he will take your lesson to heart." The water goddess said. "Now will you heal him? My waters of life don't appear to be working."

"No... I imagine that they wouldn't." Erica said with a smirk.

Reaching through her mind, she contacted someone whom she would absolutely never get tired of hearing from.


As always, his response was immediate and as warm as the setting sun.

'Hello, my love. Is your lesson over already?'

'It is, and she's doing quite well. I invited her to the castle later, is that okay?'

'It is your home too now, love. You don't have to ask me for permission to bring a guest.'

Erica felt her heart flutter and she had to resist the urge to kick her feet in the air and squeal like a little girl.

He said it was their home!

How romantic was that??!

She was so engrossed in her newlywed bliss that she almost forgot what she was asking for.

'Oh, right. Do you have a moment to spare, honey?'

'For you? Always, my darling.'

*Erica's private thoughts* 'KYAAA! He called me his darling!!'

'I-I just sort of burned something, and I need your help putting out the flames.'

There was silence on the other side for a moment and Erica thought her husband might not have heard her.

'Darling... If you wanted to have sex you could have just said so. I'll be there shortly.'

Erica was too giddy to correct Abaddon's line of thinking, so she didn't bother to explain things to him just yet.

With an egregiously large smile on her face, she turned back to the soldiers assembled on the grounds.

"Fall in line, men! We're about to receive a visit from our god!"

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