Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures

Chapter 813: The Holiday Begins

Chapter 813: The Holiday Begins

It was indeed necessary to act cautiously, but they could not afford to stand by and let the situation get worse.

Evan was thinking of ways to reverse the current situation, at least to let more people know the fact that Voldemort was back.

Thinking about it, at this stage, they still had to rely on the newspaper to fight in public opinion.

Since Fudge and the Ministry of Magic restricted the content of Hogwarts Magic, they could secretly remove the newspapers logo and circulate it

This matter was not urgent. Evan was going to carry it out after returning from his trip to Egypt.

Before the lies spread by the Ministry of Magic fermented for a while, Voldemort could not do anything. As more and more signs appeared, and the Ministry of Magics statements could not explain them, the best time for Evan to make a move was when the people were generally questioning them.

Talking to the Ministry of Magic now that Voldemort was back could only cause panic, and was considered to have ulterior intentions.

The mainstream society of the wizarding world was not willing to believe the fact that Voldemort was back. They had been living leisurely and at peace for too long.

Be careful! Sirius snorted and said sharply. Fudge has no courage to face Voldemorts return. Its so much comfortable to convince himself Dumbledores lying to destabilize him!

You see the problem, said Lupin. While the Ministry insists there is nothing to fear from Voldemort, its hard to convince people hes back, especially as they really dont want to believe it in the first place. Besides us, the Ministry is leaning heavily on the Daily Prophet not to report any of what theyre calling Dumbledores rumor-mongering, so most of the Wizarding community are completely unaware anything has happened.

Evan nodded. Hogwarts Magic

was not the only newspaper under control.

Many people expressed dissatisfaction with the Ministrys actions. Several editors and reporters who did not want to say bad things about us contacted me in private. They believe Dumbledores words and hope to leave the Daily Prophet and work with us, said Lupin. I didnt promise them. We dont need so many people, but they are all excellent talents. With the passage of time, there must be more and more such people. The explanation given by the Ministry is simply flawed

Dont reject them all, you can accept some of them first, said Evan. He was well aware of the importance of a good editor or reporter to the development of the newspaper. They could not always rely on ghosts and house-elves to maintain Hogwarts Magic.

It was a crisis for Hogwarts Magic, but also an opportunity to rely on these talents for development. As an emerging newspaper, without such an opportunity, it was impossible to defeat the old news media such as the Daily Prophet.

Evan said what he had just thought, and he was approved by Sirius and Lupin.

We thought of it. Dumbledore is also waiting for a suitable counterattack opportunity. He believes that You-Know-Who is currently focusing all his energy on that aspect, said Lupin. But he cant always be like this, he will definitely take action.

That aspect?

The two of you dont know yet. Dumbledore told us about it at the last meeting. You-Know-Who is after something, something he can only get by stealth. He didnt say what, but its obvious that Harry is concerned.

He told me said Sirius. He wants us to take good care of Harry, not to let Voldemorts conspiracy succeed. Harry must stay at his aunts house during the summer vacation. The magic left by Lily depends on relatives blood relationship.

Looking at his face, it was clear that this matter made him feel uncomfortable, and they didnt know what Dumbledore told him.

Evan knew what Voldemort wanted from Professor Trelawneys balls prophecy about him and Harry. He had planned to stop it, but now he changed his mind. He had to go to the Department of Mysteries to find the special Time-Turner. This was a good opportunity to put everything on Voldemort without arousing suspicion

Im really worried about Harry. Evan and Hermione are going to Egypt during the summer vacation. Im going to Norway to do something for Dumbledore. Neither of us will be in England, said Sirius, looking at Lupin. Remus, please take care of Harry during the summer vacation

Actually, I also have a mission! Lupin hesitated and continued. Dumbledore wants me to go back to the underground world, to the werewolves and try to persuade those who are willing to support us. I promised him!

Dumbledore asked you to go to the werewolves? Evan looked at him in surprise.

Yes, its like wooing the giants, we should look for allies among the werewolves, and someone has to do it, said Lupin. Dont worry, I know them very well and I know how to deal with them.

Sirius opened his mouth and finally said nothing.

There was an underground world in the wizarding world of London, detached from mainstream society.

Like a spider web, dense tunnels spread deep underground. The entrance was deep in Knockturn Alley, beyond the reach of the Ministry of Magic. It was extremely dangerous and dark. Vampires, werewolves, Dark wizards, thieves, swindlers and various Dark creatures mingled there. The shops inside were all real Dark magic shops.

The Ministry of Magic had made several strikes there, but with little success.

The dark forces quickly resurrected, in stark contrast to the peaceful and lively Diagon Alley.

To enter that place, one must first prove his identity and prove that he was evil enough.

Although Lupin was not evil, his werewolf status was a good cover.

Arthur and Molly will come here when their children will be on vacation, Lupin continued. Dont worry, Sirius, Ill ask them to take care of Harry. Dumbledore must also have arrangements to send someone to keep an eye on Harry, and well take him over at the right time.

The conversation ended. Evan and Sirius ate the food prepared by Kreacher and went to bed.

Despite Kreachers painstaking efforts to clean up the place, this old house had been neglected for too long. It had been unoccupied for more than 10 years. The floor was creaking and crunching.  Evan turned over and over on the bed. He could hear the rustle all the time.

The decoration style in the room was classical and luxurious. It seemed from the last century, in the most glorious era of the pure blood wizard family

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