Hidden Marriage

Chapter 1: Seven Months Pregnant

Chapter 1: Seven Months Pregnant

Her body burned hot like lava inside a volcano. The only one who could save her now was the man before her eyes.

She clung to his icy, marble-like skin, her desperation to survive leaving her with no other choice but to surrender herself.

After the pain ended, pleasure began to fly, like fireworks exploding inside her mind, making her feel as though she was in the middle of a sea of fire. The debut release occurred at N-ov3l-B(j)n.

Drifting in and out, there was no escape.

"Hey, wake up… the air conditioning is cold here. Don’t sleep or you’ll catch a cold —"

The weight on her shoulder woke Ning Xi, her eyes opening disorientedly to see the nurse standing before her. She felt slightly embarrassed and her small face blushed red; she could not avoid the nurse’s gaze.

Damn, it happened so long ago already. Flashes of that night when she had gotten drunk and fooled around with Su Yan would often appear in her dreams.

Because she had consumed too much alcohol, she couldn’t remember much of what had transpired that night. She didn’t know how she could face Brother Yan.

The nurse saw that she was awake and passed the paper in her hand to her: "You forgot to take your pregnancy report with you! Dr. Zhang would have wanted you to come back again next week if you had left it here!"

Ning Xi received the report with a sweet smile and put it away safely in her purse.

Su Yan had been studying abroad and would return today. When Ning Xi thought about meeting him tonight, she couldn’t help but feel nervous.

Because Su Yan had gone to a very remote place, she hadn’t been able to contact him until their child had become seven months old.

Thinking of the shock Su Yan had received from knowing about her pregnancy, Ning Xi was tense.

Perhaps her pregnancy was making her rather sensitive and on edge? Ning Xi felt that Su Yan was not as happy about the news as she was.

The doctors had reassured her that with their first child, men would always appear indifferent and in denial at first.

However… the matter of getting married, she couldn’t possibly mention it to him first, right?

When she left the hospital, the sky was clear and the sun was scorching.

Supporting her hip with one hand, Ning Xi was about to call for a taxi, when suddenly, a flashy, red sports car sped towards her.

Ning Xi’s heart skipped a beat as she immediately retreated backward.

The sound of brakes hurt her ears as the red sports car stopped, brushing the edges of her clothes.

Ning Xi was so scared, her heart almost stopped beating, and she could barely stand straight. Opening the door in a tight-fitting red dress which revealed a lot of cleavage, Ning Xueluo stepped out of the car.

"Ning Xueluo, are you crazy?"

Looking at her, Ning Xueluo laughed with deep meaning. Crossing her arms, she sauntered over to stand in front of Ning Xi. In her high heels, she looked down arrogantly at big-bellied Ning Xi. "What? Are you scared I’ll crash into you and kill the bastard inside your stomach?"

Ning Xi immediately protected her belly and took a few more steps backward while worriedly observing her: "Ning Xueluo, don’t cross the line!"

She always knew that Ning Xueluo was hostile towards her, but Ning Xi had never thought she could say such poisonous things.

"I cross the line? I should say you crossed the line! Getting drunk and then getting pregnant with a stranger’s child. And yet you still want Su Yan to play the dad. Tch… Ning Xi, do you still have any face left?"

Ning Xi froze and asked, "What did you say?"

"You, do you really believe the person you slept with that night was Su Yan?"— Ning Xueluo laughed hysterically —"You always say you grew up with Su Yan, that you’re childhood sweethearts, yet you don’t even know what his body is like?"

Ning Xi’s face got paler and whiter with every word she said. Standing here on such a blistering hot day, her whole body felt ice-cold.

That’s right, that man that night…

She had thought… that perhaps because of puberty, his body was bulkier than she had originally imagined.

But with Ning Xueluo’s reminder, she now suddenly recalled that besides his build, nothing else about that man resembled Su Yan…

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