Master Of None

Chapter 2061 2061. A Little Ranting

Chapter 2061  2061. A Little Ranting

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"What do you mean that we have too small of a view on everything? Do you mean that we need to have a dragon fly us up to see the distance better?" Alma had no idea what Gil came to her trying to say. The way he had presented it was a little rushed and unclear though. But she also could sense that this was very important. The focus that Gil ad on it was just a smooch, if not more than what he had when he was making arrows and maintaining the boy he used at all times. "No, it's not like, distance or anything. But it's the world. The world is like a piece of the forest. Like the forest is the elemental planes and the world together. The world is just the central grove of the first." GGil changed the way he explained it, but he could tell that Alma was still a bit lost. "Because the world was all messed up, mana swerve never balanced. They were all messed up which also is why we all have specific split up systems that limit us much more. I can't use a sword no matter how much I try. Just daggers and bow and arrows as an arcane archer." "But!, if I managed to have just the arcane archer as class, then it could mean I can learn to use a sword if I wanted. I would just be more limited than like, a swordsman or something." Gil made it seem even more complicated since he was not giving the same context as Walker. But he kept pushing forward with this train of thoughts. As Alma began to decipher everything that Gil was ranting about,. She began to understand things more and more. Specifically, she had already understood that the world was not a complete thing. The fact that the world should be connected to the elemental planes so that more pure manas were moving around. That there used to be a way that this was all connected and that was the threat they all faced right now. That the corrupted manas between those places would flow without limit in to the world causing damages. With Alma being an elf, she understood that nature was a big deal. She could sense it more clearly than what others were able to do. But the echidna had even made a clear example that they were even above the elves. They could sense the changes in weather and where there would be dangers because of elemental manas changing. Due to this, Alma had tried to better herself in the ability to sense the manas that she could feel. That meant the manas that allowed her to help the seeds she grew in to plants grow. But as she listened to Gil, she began to think that she should think of things in a larger picture. The plants of this world were limited too. Just as she apparently was limited, the plants might be limited because they can not grow properly without the manas that would be in the elemental planes. This could mean better yield for herbs or a unique growth in plants overall. That alone was enough for Alma to want to get things as they should be. "Then we can connect all the elemental planes again. This should make everything right. That should allow the system to not be all cut up due to the world being limited. Walker said existence made the system or something like that. So with the world united with existence, then everyone will have more opportunities. "I can try to mentate, but should I really only focus on these things? Wouldn't that limit everyone more?" For the time being, Alma wondered if they should be saying all this to the elves. Especially since they had been working on the ship to train themselves. The elven soldiers had literally turned a massive ship in to one full of forest. It was a way to bring the life they were used to to the island that might be smaller than what they expected. Regardless of the potential that it was in ruins or just uninhabitable. The elves would literally create their own terrain as they moved on to the island. A devastatingly fearsome move that would surely make the enemies that they faced more terrified. Not that the corrupted undead controlled by the demon lord would be affected by it at all. They were mindless. "We have to share this with the others. If we don't then they might not have a chance to begin to grow. The echidna just couldn't tell us until they had managed to get to the right point in time to tell us and help us. That's why so many of them had managed to get here right way to help. They had been helping the world but unable to speak any of the truths we know now." Gil knew he was looking at this correctly. "Fine. then how do I do this?" feeling that she would still be lost no matter what, Alma gave in to Gil as he began to explain how Walker meditated and grasped the understanding that all manas were one. That things had been inappropriately divided up because of the issues between the world and the elemental planes. Meanwhile, Onyx found himself with Alice. He had been worried that she would have stayed with Walker for a lot longer. But they had split up right after eating. This wasn't because they didn't want tow work together, but because Alice wanted to get back to preparing some bandage kits for the upcoming battles. She also knew that Walker needed time to keep meditating about what he had learned. "If I am to follow Brother's example, I think I should do so with the others. Would Aurora like to join me?" Onyx was asking this because he knew very well that the others of the abyssal and heavenly serpents would want to learn this new method as well. They would want o to keep up with Onyx and take their own paths in to the larger and proper flow of all things. This would allow them to move ahead more and more toward being the same as other races. For them to support one another and the other races as a whole. "I can learn too. While I make these." Alice wanted to join too. She could wrap bandages and use a soft purifying light song on them. This would make them safe to use on open wounds. Plus, it would add a calming effect to the surroundings. This would allow her to help the serpents meditate as well. When Onyx noticed that Aurora had popped her head out from Alice's robe sleeve, he knew that he had also gotten her approval. While she still remained absorbing light mana compared to what the other serpents did, aurora was actually growing significantly. She could use healing light skills along with making small light needles that she could fire at others. This was not necessarily the greatest attack and defensive ability there was. However, that did not matter. With Alice, Aurora could call up more light mana to manipulate. That Was just the power of Alice's voice. The light bent to her will naturally. With this, Onyx also called ove the many serpents that had come. They had been waiting for him to make an announcement. To explain to them what they needed to know. For them, they had been born in to the world during an interesting time. The serpants had learned that they were still technically monsters. That their kind had been lost to time until recently. That onyx had been paving a way for them to be able to grow and become a real race overall. Now, they were learning that they were growing up in a time where the world they all lived in, was threatened and just a small part of what was all things. This allowed their minds to become even better adapted to these ideas. With their young age, they could grasp the idea that the world was small. That the elemental planes were a major part of what should make the world complete. But also that it was a part of their own history. Onyx had not hidden any knowledge about his fellow serpents. That their past was something of a mystery. Besides the fact that their ancestors could have traveled in to the light and darkness elemental planes. That was where they could use the mana to survive the best. Especially with the light elemental plane where they would have abundant nourishment. This has brought many ideas that they could see some of the oldest of their species resting there. Maybe not extinct, but just unable to return to the world since they had managed to leave it for an elemental plane safely.  …


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