Wizard World Irregular

Chapter 405 Boss Monster Versus Boss Monster

Chapter 405  Boss Monster Versus Boss Monster

Nicole glanced at the Mermaid Princess in the distance, who was actively slaughtering all the Monsters that were trying to reach the gate.

She also noticed someone wearing tight-fitted black clothes ambushing the Monsters and killing them with one precise strike to their vital parts.

The rain had now become strong enough that she was no longer able to see this figure clearly. But Nicole knew with absolute certainty that there was a Professional Assassin who had joined their ranks to defend the city.

Of course, this Assassin was none other than Lilith, who had shifted back to her Cat Kin form due to Ethan’s order.

The order she received was simple.

Help Illumina prevent the Monsters from lowering the drawbridge and leave the rest to him.

The Trolls, Ogres, and Cyclops kept on hurling their comrades over the walls, not knowing that the moment they entered the city, all of them would be sliced in half or assassinated from behind.

Perhaps getting impatient due to the lack of response from the monsters that they had tossed inside the city, the Troll Warlord, Black-Skinned Troll Berserker, Ogre Warmonger, Ogre Chieftain, and the One-Horned Cyclops all charged toward the drawbridge with the intention of destroying it forcefully.

Their attacks were brutal and relentless, causing hardwood to splinter from their strikes.

The One-Horned Cyclops dealt the final blow, and the gate shattered under its overwhelming might.

Soon, it entered the city along with the other Mini-Bosses and Bosses, shouting their war cries.

Behind them, the Dungeon Monsters surged forward like a torrential river, making Mayor Otto’s face turn pale.

He then glanced anxiously at Nicole, who was mounted on her flying broom and hovering beside Ethan, who remained unmoving.

The Mayor had already ordered the soldiers on top of the Ramparts to retreat and go to the second defensive line of the city.

This was where they would be making their final stand and also the place where Nicole asked them to retreat to should the Monsters enter the city en masse.

Illumina returned to Ethan’s side and hugged his neck from behind.

Her chilly gaze landed on the Monsters, who would soon realize that they had entered a slaughterhouse that the young man had especially prepared for them.

Just as Mayor Otto was about to order the city guards to charge alongside him, something unexpected happened.

The raindrops that were falling on the city froze mid-air.

They didn’t turn into ice crystals and simply hovered in the air like beads made up of water.

Soon the number of these beads increased, forming a thin layer above the city. The Mayor watched, wondering what was happening.

At that moment, a young man’s voice filled with power sounded, making him subconsciously shudder.

“Grand Aria.”

As if waiting for those words to be spoken, cries of pain spread in the city like wildfire.

The countless water beads merged together forming foot-long water needles that pierced through the monsters, turning them into living pincushions that dyed the city streets with their blood.

The horrifying part of this attack was that the water needles did not only come from the sky.


They also came from the wet streets that were now drenched in blood.

Water and blood mixed together forming crimson needles that were sharper and harder than the ordinary water needles.

They were empowered by the lifeblood of Ethan’s enemies, which converted the City of Otto into the perfect slaughterhouse for the Monsters who had managed to infiltrate it.

Suddenly, Illumina appeared in front of Ethan and raised a blue barrier.

A second later, a red beam of light collided with Illumina’s shield, causing cracks to appear on its surface.

However, since the rain was still falling, these cracks quickly regenerated, preventing the barrier from breaking apart.

When the beam finally ended, Ethan’s gaze landed on the biggest monster outside of the city, whose red eyes were locked on his body.

The Last Boss Monster of the Weeping Dungeon was preparing to fire another beam attack at Ethan when the young man pointed his hand at the Creature, who had tried to sneak attack him from a great distance.

If not for Illumina’s quick action, Ethan would’ve been hit by such an attack, and a bloody hole would have already appeared in his chest.

Ethan put all his focus on dealing with the Monsters that had infiltrated the city and keeping the power of his Grand Aria in check to prevent himself from burning out completely.

Because of this, he didn’t have the willpower to direct his attention anywhere else, leaving his defense to Illumina and Nicole.

Illumina was angered by the Red-Eyed Cyclops’ attempt to kill Ethan and wanted to personally deal with it.

But she refrained from doing so.

Her role was to become Ethan’s shield.

There was already someone who was assigned the position of his sword.

When the Red-Eyed Cyclops’ was about to unleash another beam attack, it suddenly raised its club to swipe at something on its right side, canceling its original plan to attack Ethan with another ranged attack.

Unfortunately, it didn’t hit anything.

A black dome of light covered the area around the Red-Eyed Cyclops, preventing anyone from seeing what was happening inside.

Despite the fact that it was raining very hard and visibility only extended for a few meters away, Ethan’s Trump Card didn’t plan to take any chances.

Once the dome of darkness had been established, a vile chuckle escaped the Ancient Wendigo’s lips.

It had been a while since it last feasted on a strong monster, and the Red-Eyed Cyclops in front of it was just enough to satisfy its craving for blood.

With a roar of anger, the Red-Eyed Cyclops brandished its club and swatted the Ancient Wendigo, but the latter simply turned into a black mist, negating the attack completely. L1tLagoon witnessed the first publication of this chapter on N0vel-B1n.

A moment later, its clawed hand pierced through the Red-Eyed Cyclops’ one and only eye, making it scream in pain.

After losing its sight, the monster brandished its weapon left and right in an attempt to swat away anything in front of it.

However, the Ancient Wendigo had already appeared behind it and even mischievously chuckled in the Monster’s ear, forcing it to make a backhanded strike in an attempt to hit the Ancient Wendigo behind it.

Suddenly, it felt a stinging pain in the right side of its body, as its enemy once again used its clawed hands to scratch on the side of its body, drawing blood.

The Ancient Wendigo once again chuckled and sneak-attacked the Red-Eyed Cyclops over and over again.

Its battle style had remained the same after its evolution.

The only difference was that it had become more sadistic and resourceful with its means of attack.

Little by little, it weakened the resolve of the Red-Eyed Cyclops before finally going for the kill.

A black sword appeared on the Ancient Wendigo’s hands, which it used to stab the Red-Eyed Cyclops' bloodied eye, piercing through to the back of its head.

The Red-Eyed Cyclops’ club fell on the ground, and its body followed soon after.

Dainsleif chuckled evilly as it pierced the chest of the Red-Eyed Cyclops, gouging its heart out of its body.

The vile Creature stared at it for a few seconds as if appreciating a rare delicacy that it had never tasted before.

When it was finally satisfied, it opened its mouth and bit into the juicy heart.

Dainsleif happily ate and made sure to eat everything.

When it was done, it then resumed feasting on the dead Cyclops’ body, using its flesh and blood to strengthen itself and become more powerful than ever before.

This was the reason why Ethan wasn’t too worried about facing off against the Final Boss Monster of the Weeping Dungeon.

The Ancient Wendigo under his control was also a Boss Monster, and its rank was higher than the Red-Eyed Cyclops, who would soon disappear into Dainsleif's stomach, not leaving a single trace behind.

‘Making a Boss Monster fight with a Boss Monster sure is tasteful,’ Sebastian commented with an evil smirk on his face.

‘Of course,’ Ethan’s Other Half replied. ‘Dainsleif is going to be Ethan’s sword. If it gets stronger, then Ethan gets stronger as well. This is a win-win in my book.’

Ethan also agreed with his Other Half.

He had planned to actively use Dainsleif as well, but an opportunity had never presented itself before now.

All of that changed because of the Monster Outbreak. And with the Final Boss of the Dungeon dead, there was no longer anything that could stop Ethan from his one-sided massacre.

This only became possible after his and Lilian’s Legacy started to resonate more with each other, as their relationship deepened.

Ethan’s Grand Aria was an ability that he could only use for a few seconds in the past.

All of that changed after Lilian arrived at Brynhildr Academy.

Although he still couldn’t summon a thunderstorm on his own because the two of them hadn’t completed their union yet, he still had better control of his Legacy thanks to her support.

Nicole, who was not aware that the Final Boss had already been defeated, joined Mayor Otto, as well as the other Wizards and Witches in killing the monsters that had been incapacitated by Ethan’s Grand Aria.

The clean-up operation lasted three full hours because some of the monsters had hidden themselves inside the houses of the abandoned homes in the city.

If not for the fact that Ethan’s Other Half had strong detection abilities, the cleanup operation might have taken longer.

That day, a very thankful Mayor Otto held a victory party in his residence and rewarded those who participated in the battle generously, almost emptying what remained of the gold coins in his treasury.

Even so, he gladly did it. Not only did he succeed in saving his city, but he was sure that he would also be handsomely rewarded by the King for not leaving his post despite the fact that his chances of surviving the Dungeon Outbreak had been almost non-existent.

Of course, this victory was all thanks to Nicole’s and Ethan’s participation. So he, using the authority bestowed upon him by the King, took matters into his own hands.

He awarded Nicole and Ethan all the Beast Cores from the Monsters that had died in the city.

Not only that, he promised that he would also give them two Magic Artifacts each, which they could choose from his collection.

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